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Quick tour of some of the features within Pronto.

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There are two main panels in Pronto - the Drawer panel is on the left and the Chat panel is on the right.

Pronto Main screen.

  • 1: Drawer panel - the main navigation panel allowing you to switch between the various chat categories and groups, tasks, announcements, etc. 

  • 2: Chat panel - will display the chat history of the selected Group.

Using the Drawer Panel


The primary use of the Drawer panel is to navigate through your various Pronto chat groups. 

To make organization easier, groups are divided into Categories, which serve as a kind of folder to hold similar groups. 

By default, all users will have a "recent" category for any communication that has taken place most recently, and any direct, one-on-one conversations, will be below their last category heading.

Drawer Panel.

  • 1: Profile Information panel - will display your profile image and name, and allow you to make changes, set setting, log out, etc.

  • 2: Tasks panel - will display any tasks you have created or might have been assigned to you.

  • 3: Announcements panel - will display a list of notifications based on a group or for the entire organization.

  • 4: Recents - any communication that has taken place most recently.

  • 5: Categories and Chat Groups - Chat Groups are divided into Categories, which serve as a kind of folder to hold similar groups, to make organization easier. 

  • 6: Direct Messages - any direct, one-on-one conversations, and will always be below the last category heading.

  • 7: Actions - will allow you to create a group, task, or direct message someone depending on your permissions.

Using the Chat Panel


The Chat panel will display the chat history of the selected Group and allow you to enter your own message from the line below.

Chat panel.

  • - 1: Meetings – allow you to initiate a meeting or enter a meeting as an observer.

  • - 2: Chat history list - will display a conversation history for the chat group or direct message.

  • - 3: Message line - allows you to enter and submit your own chat message.

  • - 4: Attach File:
    □ On the web app you can Attach a File to the group or individual. You can
    also drag-and-drop files directly into the Chat panel.

    □ On a mobile device you can either Attach a File, or Scan a Document
    which will use your mobile camera to scan one or multiple items then
    combine them into a single PDF document.

  • - 5: Emojis - you can add emoticons to your message. On a mobile device, emoticons are done through the mobile keyboard when entering a message.

  • - 6: Animated GIFS - allows you to search and attach an animated GIF to the message.

  • - 7: Attach Photo (MOBILE ONLY) - allows you to take a current photo or video and immediately attach it to the message

  • - 8: Photo Library (MOBILE ONLY) – you can access your photo library and attach a previous photo or video.

  • - 9: Add Task (MOBILE ONLY) - will allow you to create a task for yourself or assign it to someone else.

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