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Creating a Group and Adding Users
Creating a Group and Adding Users

How do I create a new group and add people to that group?

Written by Jason Pearson
Updated over a week ago

The Quick Action list, from the Drawer panel, is a fast, easy way to create a group. From the Quick Action list, choose the Create a New Group option. Enter the name for the group and choose a Category. Only the categories you are already a part of will be displayed. After that, you can then add people to the group directly or generate a Group Code and send it to them.

Creating a Group.

Creating a New Group and adding users:

  • Step 1. Click or tap the Quick Actions option at the bottom right of the Drawer panel.

  • Step 2. Click or tap the Create New Group option.

Create Group option.

  • Step 3. Enter the Name for the group.

  • Step 4. Select the category you want the group to be associated with.

Create a Group window.

  • Step 5. Add people to the group. You can search for them by name or scroll through the list.
    โ€‹(By default, you will see only your connections - people who are already in groups with you. However, you can click or tap on the "Filter" list to find people from specific groups or even the entire organization, if you have the permissions.)

Add Users panel.

  • Step 6. Click the Create Group option to complete the process and create a new group with the added users.

Create Group option.

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