Direct Messages

How do I send a one-to-one message to someone?

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Direct messages allow you to communicate one on one with a person instead of all together in a group. If you want to direct message someone there are two ways:

  • Actions option – if you need to message someone for the first time you can search for them thru the Direct Message option.

  • Group Chat – If you are indirectly connected with the person thru a group chat, you can click on their Profile Picture and directly message them.

Send a Direct Message


If you haven’t connected with a person thru a group chat then you can search for them using the Send a Direct Message option located from the Actions option.

  • Step 1. Click or tap the Actions option located at the bottom right of the Drawer panel.

  • Step 2. Click or tap the Direct Message option.

Direct Message.

  • Step 3. Find the person you want to talk with. You can search for them by name or scroll through the list. Depending on your permission and groups you can search thru the entire organization, your connections (which is anyone you are in a group with), or you can choose any specific group.

Search for a person.

Send a Direct Message from the Group Chat


A quick way to begin a direct message is from the person’s profile picture using the Message option. This is useful if you're already in a group with a person and they have recently sent a message.

  • Step 1. Click or tap on the person’s Profile Image.

Person’s Profile Image.

  • Step 2. Click or tap the Message option.

Message option.

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