What are group codes?

Group codes are used for free-flowing, open groups that people can join if they want to. Common examples include student clubs, just-for-fun groups, one-day event groups, etc.

Essentially, with a group code you can join a group on your own without someone having to manually add you in.

Here's how it works:

Creating a group code

Step 1. Go to the settings of a group
Step 2. Select "Group Codes"
Step 3. Tap on "Create a Group Code"

Step 4. Set an expiration date and tap "Generate Code"
Step 5. You can copy the code, share the code with others, etc.

Once the code is created, it will be recorded in that group's settings in the group code section in case you want to access it (or delete it) later. Any code generated will be visible to every member of the group.

Joining a group using a group code

Step 1. Tap on the green plus button at the bottom right of the drawer.
Step 2. Select "Enter a Group Code"
Step 3. Enter the group code by typing it or pasting it in.

From there you will automatically be brought into the group.

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