Instant translation: it just works.

Any message you send in Pronto will instantly be translated into everyone else's language on a person-by-person basis.

Instant translation often leads to a massive increase in engagement and communication from members of the group who would normally feel anxious talking to others in their non-native language.

Image 1. Messages that come over in different languages will have a globe next to them and will be highlighted in blue to show that they have been translated.
Image 2. You can select the message to turn off the translation and see the original message.
Image 3. When a message has translation turned off, you will still see a globe next to it but the globe will be gray. You can translate the message back by tapping on it again.

How to turn on instant translation

The first time that a message in a foreign language comes over to you, you will be asked if you want it translated and if you want to enable instant translation in the future.

You can also enable instant translation from Pronto's settings.

To turn on instant translation:
Image 1.
Tap on the settings icon inside the drawer.
Image 2. Select "Language & Translation."
Image 3. Toggle the language translation to on (showing green). You can also change your preferred language here or let Pronto know to not translate certain languages for you. Toggle the switch back to gray if you want instant translation turned off.

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