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How do I make and assign tasks?

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How to create and assign tasks

Task management is made simple inside of Pronto. Users often create tasks for groups, specific people, or themselves as an in-app to-do list.

Step 1. Tap the green plus button at the bottom right of the drawer.
โ€‹Step 2. Select Create New Task

The alternative to these two steps is tapping on the task icon at the bottom of a group. Doing so will automatically assign the task to the group unless the assignee is later changed.

Step 3. Fill out the tile, due date, and assignee. You can also choose to put in a reminder, add an attachment to the task, or include some notes.

Second image: From your drawer you can see how many tasks you have due today.

Clicking on the task section in your drawer will reveal all the tasks assigned out to you. These may be tasks from yourself, set up as a to-do list, or from others.

Toggle between your tasks and the tasks that you have assigned out by clicking on the title at the top of the screen.

Click on the checkmark at the top right to see completed tasks.

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