Pronto allows users to share live broadcasts from their phone or computer. Up to ten people can go live together at once, and hundreds more can watch. 

To start going live, tap the circle icon down at the bottom center of the app. Doing so will send a notification to other users in the group that you have gone live and that they can join you.

Image 1. Once in the livestream, you can have others join you with their own live videos.
Image 2. As they join, their live feeds will pop up along the top of the screen.
Image 3. Whether you have chosen to go live or simply watch what's being shown, you can type messages (like comments or questions) down at the bottom of the screen.

By tapping on the viewers icon, you can see exactly who is participating in the livestream. It will show who is streaming, as well as who is simply watching.

Image 1. Livestreams can be recorded for later viewing in case someone was not able to participate in the livestream right away. Everyone in the stream will be notified if someone starts recording the session.
Image 2. You can flip the camera around to show what's happening on the backside side of the phone (instead of frontside/selfie side) by tapping on this icon.
Image 3. Tapping on the settings allows you to mute yourself, mute others in the group, etc.

When you're ready to leave the livestream, simply tap on the xLive button and you will be brought back to the main chat page.

If a livestream is recorded, you will see a replay button inside that livestream's post in the chat.

How do we see it being used?

  • Easier-to-attend office hours
  • Guest speakers
  • Group projects/meetings
  • Live, step-by-step directions for fixing problems
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