If you have the permissions you can create a group and add users using the Organization Management area. The Organization Management area is located in the Profile Information panel. Clicking the New Group option will display the Add a Group screen. You can choose a group category, enter the group name, and add people to the group.

Add a Group from Organization Management.

Add a Group:

  • Step 1. Switch to your Profile Information panel.
  • Step 2. Click the Manage Organization option.
  • Step 3. Click the New Group option.
  • Step 4. From the Group Category select the category the group will be added to.
  • Step 5. Enter the Group Name.
  • Step 6. Click the Add People to the Group option to display the Add Users panel.
  • Step 7. Select all users you want to add to the group, and click the Add option.
  • Step 8. Click the Save option to complete the process and create a new group with the added users.
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