How to Sign In

There are only two ways to sign into Pronto - through an email address or through a cell phone number.

Use whichever email address or phone number your organization has on file for you.

What if Pronto doesn't recognize your email address or phone number?

There are only two reasons why that might be the case:

1. Your organization has entered a different email address or phone number for your profile than the one you are trying. Contact your leaders to find out what you should be using so you can sign in.

2. If nothing is working, it's possible that a profile hasn't been created for you yet inside of Pronto. Your organization's admin needs to add you as a user first (create a profile for you) before you're able to sign in.

If it's neither of the above, it may simply be a spelling issue or a typo in the number. This could be on your end, or it could be on the end of your admin when they created your profile.

Does your organization not use Pronto yet?

If you have any specific questions, please email and we'll help you out!

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