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Pronto's Integration with Canvas Features Overview
Pronto's Integration with Canvas Features Overview

A quick features overview for using Pronto in Canvas.

Written by Jason Pearson
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**Download the Pronto mobile app to get the full Pronto/Canvas experience.**



Pronto is an easy-to-use communication platform that scales for large organizations. While extremely user-friendly, it's packed with fun features and tools that make collaboration and communication significantly easier to manage.

What is Pronto?


Pronto's Canvas integration instantly connects each user with the students and instructors in their current courses and groups. It does so by automatically creating a group chat for each section the user is in, as well as their Canvas groups.

If Pronto is installed at your institution and at least one of your courses has Pronto enabled, a Pronto icon will appear for you at the bottom of your global navigation on the left side of the screen.

Selecting the icon will open up the tool to the latest chat you had open or the course/group with which you are actively engaged. Here you can see some images being shared, messages, etc. You can close the window by selecting the X icon at the top right of the pop out window.

Logging into Pronto from Canvas.


The Drawer Panel can be accessed by clicking on the option in the upper-left hand corner of the chat window. This will contain your group list that are associated to the courses, sections, and groups that you are a part of within Canvas.

If you are enrolled in a course in Canvas, you will see a group for it in Pronto. In addition, Pronto will open the group corresponding to whichever Canvas course you are actively engaged with.

Notification icons next to the group name will indicate the breakdown of the unread messages and which groups they are specifically from. The regular-colored bubbles represent new unread messages, whereas the red-colored bubbles represent messages that have mentioned you directly using an @mention. This is useful if you want to prioritize which messages you view first.

The title of the currently engaged group can also be seen across the top of the chat window.

Drawer Panel and Unread Messages Breakdown.


Located at the very bottom of the window, the chat bar is where you can write messages in the language of your choosing. To the right of your chat bar, you have options for additional actions or reactions.

The first option, will allow you to quickly share files to the group or individual. Files can be selected from the device you're using or any cloud services associated with the device, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

The other remaining icons are used to express reactions to the Chat stream in the form of emoji or GIFS. These are intended to allow that user to share their emotion or thoughts to the conversation within Pronto.

If you need get someone's attention in a group chat or direct message, you can type the @ symbol followed by any part of a person’s name. This will create an @mention in the chat panel and send a direct notification to the person. In a group you can also use @everyone mention to send a notification to everyone in the group.

One of the features that makes Pronto so unique is the ability to remove language barriers by providing instant translation in more than 100 different languages. When a message, written in a different language from my own, is posted you will notice a Globe option appearing to the right of it. By clicking or tapping that option, Pronto will instantly translate that message, allowing me to bridge that language gap and allow conversations between multiple people regardless of normal barriers.

Chat Panel Actions and Reactions.


You can quickly react to a specific message using message reactions. By hovering over or tapping on a message you can add a simple reaction from the list. From that same toolbar you can choose to delete a message if you accidently posted something, or if you have permissions, you can delete another user’s message if it was deemed inappropriate or not part of the current conversation.

If there is a particular message that you think another group or groups would benefit from, you could choose the forward option, add an additional message, and then choose one or multiple groups before sending it off.

Lastly, you can choose to start a threaded discussion by replying to the message. Threaded Discussions refer to a series of messages that are grouped together pertaining to a single topic. As the chat history panel begins to fill with different messages you have the ability to reply to any post allowing you to have a threaded discussion within the Chat panel. A threaded discussion can at any time display the entire message history, using the Thread panel, while also continuing to display intime with the rest of the chat history. In this matter threaded discussions are never lost with the continuation of other messages and topics.

Message Actions and Reactions.


By clicking on a user’s profile image or name, you can display their Profile Card, which can display information such as when they were last active, what groups you have in common, the ability to message them directly, or block them from taking any direct action toward you.

Those same Profile images also appear to the right of the messages in the Chat panel. These work as Read Receipts allowing you to see who has seen your messages and where others are in the conversation. Clicking or tapping on the read receipts will display a panel with everyone who has seen messages up to that point in time.

Profile Cards and Read Receipts.


Located in the upper-right corner of the Pronto window is the Meetings option which allows Pronto users to share live meetings from their mobile device or web app. Multiple people can broadcast together at once, and hundreds more can observe. All broadcasters can share their screens simultaneously and observers can always participate using chat messages.

As a Broadcaster you can share your screen, mute your audio or video, record the broadcast for later use, and see who is participating and the current chat conversation.

Broadcasting a Meeting.


When a meeting is currently running a notification banner will appear at the top of the specific groups chat panel. You can choose to join the broadcast using either the notification banner or the Meeting option.

As an observer, you can choose to switch to a broadcaster if you have something to add to the meeting, record the broadcast for later use, and see who is participating and the current chat conversation.

Observing a Meeting.


If a meeting was recorded, then once it is completed it will be posted to the groups chat panel with a Replay option. The replay option will allow any users in the group the ability to watch the meeting either again or for the first time if they missed the opportunity.

From the replay video you can download the meeting for offline repeat viewings or if you wish to share it with others.

Viewing or Downloading a Recorded Meeting.


While Pronto is beautifully integrated in Canvas, there are times that you may want to experience the entirety of Pronto outside of Canvas’s integration. To expand Pronto into its own tab, you simply click on the Expand option located at the top-right corner of the Pronto Chat window.

This view allows you to see both the Chat and the Drawer panel at the same time as well as access the Action option in the bottom-left corner of the Drawer panel.

From this menu you can start a direct message with anyone who shares a group with you and have a private conversation or direct live meeting. And create tasks and assign them to a person or to a group to be claimed by an individual.

Expanding Pronto to its own Browser tab.


Located in the upper-right corner of the Chat panel is Group Settings, where you can create a nickname for the Group or Group Category which is useful if the original names are either too long or aren’t descriptive enough. Nicknames are also only visible to you and will not affect anyone else.

Permissions allow you to control who is allowed to perform certain actions within the group.

You can Hide the Group if you don’t want it to be displayed on the Drawer panel.

The other categories will allow you to display all the people who are part of the group, set group notifications, and the Media panel is especially useful as it will breakdown all the Photos and Videos, Links that have been shared, attached files, and all meeting including their replays. This is a great way to find a media item without scrolling thru the entire chat history.

Group Settings.


You can access your Profile Settings using the option located in the upper right-hand corner of the Drawer panel next to your name and organization. Inside of the Settings menu, you can review your own profile, send feedback or support requests to the Pronto team, as well as edit your notification and language preferences.

Profile Setting Option.


The Do Not Disturb option will silence all notifications globally for all your groups. This is useful when you need a break or are taking a vacation because you can set a time from 20 minutes or until you decided to turn it off.

In the Notifications panel you quickly decide when you wish to be notified. If you set it to Only Mentions you would only receive notification if you are directly @mentioned within any of your groups. Additional settings allow to decide to not be notified by message reactions or mute the web browser notification sound.

For advanced control, you can even set individual Group Override notification settings which would allow you to customize notifications specific to a group rather than all groups simultaneously.

Notifications Settings.


One of the features that makes Pronto so unique is the ability to remove language barriers by providing instant translation in more than 100 different languages.

In the Language and Translation panel, you can set your Preferred Language by choosing it from the list. Additionally, you can set as many secondary languages as needed which will no longer be translated within Pronto. A third option for instant translation is also provided which will translate all messages on the fly as they are posted in the chat panel.

Language And Translation Settings.


Pronto was designed originally as a mobile-first application and downloading the mobile app greatly enhances your communication experience. Easily transition from working on your computer to a conversation on the go with the Pronto Mobile App.

Pronto can be found in Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store by simply searching "Pronto: Team Communication."

Apple App Store QR Code.

Google Play Store QR Code.

Pronto’s Mobile App.

To see a full explanation of each of Pronto's features, click here.

For any specific questions please email

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