**Download the Pronto mobile app to get the full Pronto/Canvas experience.**

What is Pronto?

Pronto is an easy-to-use communication platform that scales for large organizations. While extremely user-friendly, it's packed with fun features and tools that make collaboration and communication significantly easier to manage.

How does it work inside of Canvas?

Pronto's Canvas integration instantly connects each user with the students and instructors in their current courses. It does so by automatically creating a group chat for each section the user is in, as well as their Canvas groups.

The layout. If Pronto is installed at your institution and at least one of your courses has Pronto enabled, the green Pronto icon will appear for you at the bottom righthand corner of Canvas (seen below).

Opening Pronto. Selecting the icon will open up the tool to the latest chat you have had open. Here you can see some images being shared, messages, etc. You can close the window by selecting the X icon at the bottom right.

The drawer. Selecting the three-lined icon at the top left corner of Pronto (with the red circle on it in the image above^^) will bring you to the drawer. In the drawer you will see all of the groups that you are a part of (as seen below). It mirrors Canvas - if you are enrolled in a course in Canvas, you will see a group for it in Pronto.

Switching between group chats. In the image above, there is a course called Programming 101 that has a red notification badge to the right of it indicating an unread message. Selecting Programming 101 in the drawer will take you to its group chat where you can see any messages that are waiting for you.

Direct/one-on-one messages. In the conversation above, a user named Blake is asking for help with a particular concept. You can directly message Blake by selecting his name in the chat and then clicking "Message" (as seen in the image below).

Direct/one-on-one messages. By clicking on the "Message" button, you will enter into a one-on-one conversation with him (as seen below).

Pronto's web app. An internet browser version of Pronto can be found at https://chat.trypronto.com and has the additional features of being able to create new groups, tasks, and see each of your groups' settings.

The Pronto mobile app. Pronto was designed primarily as a mobile-first application and we HIGHLY recommend downloading the mobile app - especially students who are less likely to be behind computers for most of the day. Pronto can be found in Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store by simply searching "Pronto."

To see a full explanation of each of Pronto's features, click here.

For any specific questions please email support@pronto.io, or you can search our support site for more documentation.

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