File Scanning (Mobile Only)

How do I scan multiple documents with my mobile device and add them to a single PDF document?

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File Scanning is a feature that takes advantage of the camera on your mobile device and allows you to photograph and collect multiple items which are then combined into one single PDF file.

File Scanning.

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Scanning a Document:

  • Step 1. Tap the Add Attachment option, then choose the Scan Documents option.

Scan Documents option.

  • Step 2. Position the camera over the item and tap the Scan option.
    โ€‹(By default the Scanning feature will try and auto-detect the item. If you would rather handle it yourself, tap the Auto option to set it to Manual mode.)

Scan option.

  • Step 3. Use the cropping handles to decide how much of the item is saved, and tap the Keep Scan option to add it to the library.

Resize the scan area.

  • Step 4. Continue to repeat Step 2 and 3 for each item you want to be added to the scan library.

  • Step 5. Tap the Save option and enter a name for the PDF document.

Save the scanned files.

  • Step 6. If you want, you can add a message along with the scanned document.

Name the combined PDF.

  • Step 7. When finished you can tap the Send option to send the document to the individual or group.

Send the scanned documents.

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