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Pronto Feature Release: 6/15/2020
Pronto Feature Release: 6/15/2020

New API, Customizable Permissions, Group-Level Announcements

Written by Ben Dolman
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Roles and Permissions

Each organization is different. Pronto now reflects that reality with a new role, new permissions, and a brand new customizable Roles and Permissions screen in Organization Management.

The new organization role is named Manager and sits between User and Admin. This allows you to grant additional permissions to trusted people in your organization without granting the full Admin role.

The two new permissions are: β€œStart direct messages” and β€œSend group-level announcements”.

You have complete control over these and other permissions. Read more about Roles and Permissions.

New Features for Announcements

Announcements are a way to broadcast high priority, one-way messages to your entire organization that rise above regular group messages. But we heard a lot of feedback about wanting to send messages to only a portion of the organization. That is now possible through Group-Level Announcements. Select one or more groups and the announcement will be sent only to the people that are in those groups. If a particular person is in more than one of those groups, they will still only get the announcement once.

You can also now attach a photo, video, or file directly to an announcement.


We are very excited to introduce the first phase of our new Pronto API: User Provisioning. You can write external tools that can create, update, and delete Pronto users. And since we are using the SCIM standard, you can also integrate conforming external systems. We have support for Okta in this first release, though any SCIM-conforming provider should work.

Right now the API is limited to User Provisioning, but we plan to add much more functionality in the future.

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