Why don't I see some of my courses?

Courses availability in Pronto Course Management (PCM) comes down to two settings:

  1. Is the course enabled or disabled?

  2. Is there a time constraint on the availability of the course?

1. Teachers and Admins can toggle their courses on/off inside Blackboard using the lock icon (see image below), which makes it available/unavailable to students in blackboard, but also makes it unavailable in Pronto Course Management.

For Term based courses, they are configured based on the term and cannot be toggled on and off, even though the lock icon is available for teachers. Instead, they are available in Course Management based on their dates.

2. There are a variety of configurations that an Admin can make in a course with regards to time. The following determines whether the course will be available in Pronto Course Management:

  • “Continuous” courses are always available

  • “Days from the date of enrollment” courses are always available

  • “Select Dates” The current date has to be between the start and end date to be available

  • “Use Term Duration” The current date has to be between the start and end date of the term to be available

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