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Viewing a Recorded Meeting
Viewing a Recorded Meeting

How do I view a recorded meeting?

Written by Jason Pearson
Updated over a week ago

If you were not able to attend the original meeting broadcast and someone recorded it, you can access that recorded video anytime.

A recorded meeting is only kept if any person chooses to record it during the event. Recordings are also started and ended from the moment a person hits record until the last host leaves the event.

Replay a recorded meeting.

There are two ways to access recorded meetings:

  • 1. Replay – in the chat group is the inline message for when the meeting took place. By clicking or tapping the Replay option you can view that recorded video.

  • 2. Group Settings – (Web app only) - click the Settings option located in the upper-right corner of the group. Switch to the Media tab, choose the Meetings category option, and click the Replay option to view the recorded video.

Meetings category.

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