File Retrieval

How do I find files that have been previously shared in Pronto?

Written by Jason Pearson
Updated over a week ago

Each group and direct message records every file, picture, and video that has ever been shared in it, in chronological order. It’s a quick way to search thru the files and find exactly what you're looking for without having to scroll thru pages and pages of messages.

  • Step 1. Click or tap the Group or Direct Message Settings option located in the top-right corner.

Group or Direct Message Settings option.

  • Step 2. For mobile devices proceed to Step 3. On the web app, switch to the Media tab.

Media tab option.

  • Step 3. All the media that has been posted to the group or direct message will be displayed categorized by media type in chronological order. Switch to any tab as needed. The web app will have an additional tab for recorded meetings.

Media organized by type.

  • Step 4. Click or tap on the media you want to open and display in more detail.

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