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Signing in to an Additional Account
Signing in to an Additional Account

How do I sign into an additional account?

Written by Jason Pearson
Updated over a week ago

You have the ability to sign into as many different accounts as you need. So, if you’re an instructor who also has a student account, or you're part of two different organizations that both use Pronto, you can easily connect both. After you have signed into each additional account you can easily switch between them working in whatever account is active. Any and all notifications for the active account as well as any other accounts with display notifications. Clicking on the notification will automatically switch to the appropriate account.

You can sign into any Pronto account that you have access to. This includes the same organization as long as you have two separate profiles.

You will need to sign in to accounts separately for both the web app and mobile devices. There isn’t one master account that ties everything together so if you sign in to an additional account on the web it will not be automatically added on a mobile device and vice versa.

Signing into an Additional Account:


  • Step 1. Click or tap the Account Switcher option.

  • Step 2. From the drop-down list, choose the Sign into another account option.

Signing in to another account option.

  • Step 3. (On the web app) from the Account Launch screen, click the sign in to another account option.

Account Launcher screen on the web app.

  • Step 4. From the Sign In screen, choose to log in using an email or phone number depending on what is associated with the account your using.

Sign In screen.

  • Step 5. Enter the authorization code to enter Pronto and add the account to the account switcher.

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