User Profile Card and User States

How do I display a user’s Profile Card? How do I know if a user left the group or organization?

Written by Jason Pearson
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By clicking on a user’s profile image or name, you can display their Profile Card. A Profile Card can display information such as when they were last active, what group you have in common, the ability to message them directly or Block them. Depending on your permissions you can also view and modify what role they have in a group or remove them from the group entirely.

Profile Card.

When a user has left the group their profile card will display a “No longer in group” state. Their messages will still be on display in the group but they will no longer be active in it.

No Longer in group state.

Similarly, if the person has left the organization their Profile Card will display a “User Deactivated” state. As with leaving a group, all their messages will still be on display in all the groups they were a part of.

User Deactivated state.

This also applies to direct messages. If a user has left the organization their direct message chat log will still be visible with all the previous communications. However, the chat bar at the bottom will be disabled.

Direct Messages deactivated state.

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