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Hiding and Unhiding a Group
Hiding and Unhiding a Group

How do I Hide or Unhiding a Group using the Group Setting?

Written by Jason Pearson
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Often times your group list can become quite large. There might be groups you communicate very infrequently with and would like to hide them from the list.

You can hide a group manually using the Hide option located in the Group Settings screen. This will hide the group entirely until someone posts a message in the group which will unhide it. The hidden group is only hidden for you, others will need to hide it themselves if they wish for it to not be on their list.

You can also choose to unhide the group yourself using the Hidden Group section of the Profile Setting screen.

Hiding a Group


  • Step 1. From the group you wish to hide, click or tap the Group Setting option located in the upper-right.

Group Settings option.

  • Step 2. Click or tap the Hide Group option.

Hide Group option.

  • Step 3. From the notification window, click or tap the Hide Group option to accept the changes and hide the group.

Hide Group notification window.

Unhiding a Group


  • Step 1. Click or tap the Profile Account Setting option.

Profile Account Setting option.

  • Step 2. Click or tap the Hidden Groups section to display a list of the groups that are hidden.

Hidden Groups section.

  • Step 3. From the Hidden Groups section, click or tap the Unhide option to unhide the group and return it to your group list.

Unhide Group option.

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