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System Notification Settings (Mobile Only)
System Notification Settings (Mobile Only)

Why can’t I make notification changes? Notifications are disabled and there is a red bell icon?

Written by Jason Pearson
Updated over a week ago

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System Notification Settings

If you are on a mobile device, and notifications are disabled, and a red bell icon is appearing, your device settings have been disabled which will always override Pronto.

Pronto Notifications disabled.

When you tap the Notifications category option it will display a disabled screen letting you know the devices setting are in effect.

Open System Setting option.

You can tap the Open System Setting option to switch to the device setting and tap the Allow Notifications. This will ensure that Pronto is allowed to control the notifications.

Allow Notifications option.

When you switch back you will find that the notifications are no longer disabled and the red bell icon is gone. You can feel free to set notifications as normal.

Enabling Pronto Notification Control:

  • Step 1. Make sure you’re in the System Setting screen in Pronto.

  • Step 2. Tap the Notifications category option.

  • Step 3. Tap the Open System Setting option to automatically switch to the device settings screen.

  • Step 4. Tap the Allow Notifications option which will allow Pronto to control its own notifications.

  • Step 5. Switch back to Pronto and make sure the notifications are enabled and the red bell icon is gone.

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