Dark Mode (iOS Only)

How do I switch the light or dark mode settings?

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Dark Mode is a theme option that allows Pronto to adopt a darker color palette for all screens, views, menus, and controls. It uses more vibrancy to make foreground content stand out against the darker backgrounds.

Light and Dark mode.

By default, Pronto will adopt whatever option the system is set to. The setting can be set using the devices System Setting app under Display and Brightness.

Pronto also has the ability to opt out of the system setting and will allow its own appearance option. From the Profile Setting option in Pronto, the Appearance category will allow you to choose Light or Dark options which will override the devices system settings.

iOS System Settings

  • Step 1. From the System Setting app, choose Display & Brightness.

Display & Brightness option.

  • Step 2. Choose either the Light or Dark option to set the theme for the entire device.

Light or Dark theme option.

Pronto Appearance Setting (Opt Out)

  • Step 1. Open the Profile Setting screen. (The setting option located to the right of the profile image and name.)

  • Step 2. Switch to the Appearance category.

Appearance category.

  • Step 3. Choose either the Light or Dark option to set the theme for Pronto. (This setting will only apply the theme inside of Pronto. The system settings outside Pronto may still be different.)

Light or Dark theme option.

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