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How do I change the Pronto app icon to my Organization’s custom logo?

Written by Jason Pearson
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Note: This feature is not a regular enabled aspect of Pronto. If you are interested in learning more or about this feature please get in contact with your Customer Success Manager or Pronto representative.

Pronto has the ability to substitute the default Pronto App Icon for a different or custom one. The option will always be either the default Pronto icon or a Dark themed one. However, you can also submit one of your organizations own custom icon for anyone to use. An organization can have only one custom app icon and it will be available as a choice for all users within that organization. Each user would then be able to choose between the two default Pronto options and the custom organization logo.

Pronto Custom App Icon.

Logo’s will ideally need to be a vector image (SVG) with a square aspect ratio or a (PNG) that’s at least 200x200 pixels. You will need to speak with your Pronto representative to get the image submitted and they will work with you to make sure it’s exactly what is needed.

Once the custom app image is loaded it will be available in the Profile Settings under the App Icon category.

Choosing an App Icon

  • Step 1. Open the Profile Setting screen. (The setting option located to the right of the profile image and name.)

  • Step 2. Switch to the App Icon category.

App Icon Category option.

  • Step 3. Choose the app icon you wish to have displayed.

App Icon items.

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