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Pronto Feature Release: 4/26/2021
Pronto Feature Release: 4/26/2021

Introducing Replies and Threaded Messaging

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A few months ago, in our previous feature release, we introduced greater control for each user to determine how Pronto communicates with them. This was just the beginning of a series of features that we are working on to assist you and your folks in getting to the messages that matter the most, as quickly as possible.

In this release, we could not be more excited to bring you a new type of messaging inside of your Pronto groups with replies and threaded messages. This update will allow users to specifically tie their responses to a previous message, or string of messages without disrupting the natural flow of communication.

Additionally, we have a pair of exciting new features available only through iOS as part of Apple's development ecosystem.

After reviewing these new features, we'd love it if you could take a brief moment and let us know how we are doing by taking a very short survey regarding this feature release.

For a growing library of documentation on the new Pronto features, visit here.

Reply or begin a threaded discussion:

Replying directly, or beginning a threaded response is super easy, and introduces a new element to the interface for both web and mobile devices. When tapping on or highlighting a message, you will now see an arrow that points towards the message. Clicking this will initiate a reply or begin the thread.

In the chat stream, replied to messages will be identified by showing a version of the original message, along with a Pronto teal line stringing the messages together.

A user can reply to any message, including their own, to create this view or to string thoughts/ideas together. It becomes a threaded discussion when multiple replies are sent on the same line of messages.

Adding to and continuing threaded discussions

Anyone can choose to reply to any message within the thread or they can choose the View Thread option and reply at the bottom. In the main chat history panel, each thread will be linked with a line from one profile photo to another showing that the replies are all part of the same continuous threaded discussion.

If another message not associated with this thread is sent, the thread can be resumed by simply replying to the last message within the threaded sequence.

In cases where the thread has been disrupted by another message, a quoted version of the original message will be shown as the thread continues in the main chat window.

At any point, you can click the "View Thread" option to see the entire thread in a separate view, then click the X to return to the main chat window.

Introducing "Dark Mode" and Custom App Icon ((for iOS ONLY!))

For users of Pronto on the Apple mobile operating system iOS, Pronto may look a little different this morning based on the settings of their personal device. Apple has some native functionality for presenting certain applications in "Dark Mode", a popular aesthetic in which the primary screen takes on a darker color palette creating greater contrast and dampen the intensity of the bright mobile screen.

If a device has been set to "Dark" in the Display and Brightness settings, Pronto will automatically display in "Dark Mode".

You can override the device settings by opening your personal settings in Pronto and selecting the Appearance option.

In addition to "Dark Mode", in this release, we have leveraged flexibility within the Apple platform to offer a paid enhancement to the Pronto mobile experience. Working with your Pronto representative, organizations now have the option to upload a custom icon to Pronto that will allow their users to see the custom icon on their phone's home screen.


As always, if you would like to send this release out to members of your team, please feel free to share the link to our Release Notes Page and if you have suggestions for future releases, please schedule some time with your Customer Success Manager.

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