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Pronto Feature Release: 6/27/2022
Pronto Feature Release: 6/27/2022

Introducing: Audio Messages!

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We’ve all been there. You need to send a quick message, but you are running between stops, or your hands are busy with books, bags, or kids. If you’ve ever wanted to fire off a message but don’t have both hands free, Pronto has a new feature designed just for you: One-touch Audio Messages!

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As with all things Pronto, One-touch Audio Messages are a simple, effortless way to quickly connect and communicate. Instead of taking the extra time (and fingers!) to type out a full message in the Pronto app, we’ve added the convenience of an audio message feature. With a simple tap, you can create an audio message, review or rerecord it, and send it out in seconds for your group to hear.


In the Pronto app, we’ve added a small microphone icon next to the “Type a message” field. Give it a quick tap to start recording a message. You can then review the message to make sure you’re happy with it before sending it. Don’t love how it sounds? Delete the message and record one you’re happy with. Pronto is designed for the perfectionist in all of us!


This new capability wouldn’t be part of the Pronto app if it didn’t have a few innovative and exclusive features to make it even more user-friendly and convenient.

  • A “one and done” feature when you truly have no time or fingers to spare. You can hold down the microphone button with one finger and then simply swipe up to send the message instantly.

  • Feeling a little chatty or need to include a lot of detail in your message? One-touch Audio Messages let you record for up to five minutes—a lot longer than other messaging apps.

  • Smart scrubbing that lets you go back and forth through the message when you’re reviewing—no need to replay the entire message to get to a certain part.

  • Worried about losing your message or finding it later? No worries! Your audio messages are saved forever, along with all the rest of your Pronto content, in the Files section of the app.

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