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Pronto Feature Release: 6/12/2023
Pronto Feature Release: 6/12/2023

Introducing Pinned Chats

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Everything we do here at Pronto is designed to make communication more simple and straightforward forward and with this release, navigating your list of groups is just a bit more customizable to your day-to-day needs. As time passes, users can accumulate quite a few groups and DMs and may have the need to set a few of these groups apart for quick access or set a conversation aside for a quick follow-up. For that reason, we have created Pinned Chats.

Pinned chats will take the permanent top location on your group list above the Recents category and will be in ordered alphabetically. You will be limited to 10 Pinned Chats at a time.

A little-known fact about the Recents Category is that, to this point, it is the only Category that carries notification badges, which is why a group will stay there until you have at least opened the group once since the last message was shared. With Pinned Chats, you will see a notification badge for the group in Recents and Pinned Chats.

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How to Pin a ChatTo select a chat for pinning, either hover over the name of the chat on the web/desktop app, or long-press the name of the chat on mobile and bring up the mini-menu that accompanies it. You will see a new option to Pin the Chat and move it to the top of your list.

Use Cases that Inspired the Feature

Pinned Chats are a great way to separate Groups or DMs that are used regularly, but the less obvious use for this feature would be to temporarily move things to a pinned state as a follow-up or to-do list. You may have been away from your organization for a period of time and come back to an extra high number of chats and by reading them, the typical shift down to their regular list, potentially getting lost in the shuffle. But with Pinned Chats you can set it aside and come back to it after you have read through the rest of your messages.

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