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Pronto's Integration with Canvas
How do I integrate Pronto with my Canvas?
How do I integrate Pronto with my Canvas?

This description will help you understand the process of Integration. For a full setup, please reach out to

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Our Canvas integration is super flexible and incredibly easy to set up. A call generally lasts between 20-30 min with a full Canvas Admin (they do not need to be technical, they just need the admin permission set) and we will walk them through the entire process with a member of our Customer Success Team. The integration is more than a simple LTI and is broken into three parts:

  • Configure the LTI

  • Establish the Developer Key

  • Install the Javascript

1- Manually configuring an LTI tool through the admin's app center to allow the handoff of authentication when using Pronto directly within Canvas.

2- Setting up the Developer Key at the Root Canvas account. Developer Keys are only available at that level of Canvas as things like Users and Terms, which are communicated through the integration to populate Pronto, are Root level Canvas objects. Here is a list of API calls the integration will make on regular intervals as part of the process, and the configuring Admin must have all of these permissions themselves.

3- The final stage is to add a small Javascript snippet to the Canvas theme editor that allows for the Pronto icon and chat box to appear within Canvas. Our integration is very flexible in that only those authorized to see the icon will be able to see it. So if we limit visibility to a specific sub-account, we can automatically provision users and groups for that sub-account, and they will see Pronto within Canvas, but no other user will.

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