Broadcasting a Meeting

How do I start a Meeting? What options are available?

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Pronto allows users to share live meetings from their phone or web app. Up to ten people can broadcast together at once, and hundreds more can observe. Broadcasters can share their screens and Observers can participate using chat messages.

Meetings can be initiated in both a chat group and a direct message. To start, click or tap the Meetings option located in the upper right corner. Doing so will send out a notification to everyone in the group or the direct user. They can then choose to join you in the meeting or enter as an observer. See the Observing a Meeting topic for information.

Start a Meeting option.

When you start a meeting the Start Meeting screen will be displayed. You can choose to use audio or video or both before clicking or tapping the Start Meeting option.

Start Meeting screen.

After the Meeting start screen, you will enter the meeting as a host which will display the Host Meeting screen.

Host Meeting screen on the web app.

Host Meeting Screen on a mobile device.

  • 1. Leave the Meeting – will allow you to leave the meeting. On a mobile device you will be brought back to the groups chat screen and on the web app you will need to close the browser tab to return to the groups chat screen.

  • 2. Switch to Observer – will allow you to switch to the Observer mode which will disconnect both the audio and video. As an observer you will only be able to participate using the chat panel. See the Observing a Meeting topic for more information.

  • 3. Share Screen (Web app only) – will allow you to choose which screen or browser tab you wish to share with the meeting. See the Sharing your Screentopic for more information.

  • 4. Audio – allows you to toggle your microphone for the meeting. If turned off you will have muted yourself and not affected anyone else.

  • 5. Video - allows you to toggle your camera for the meeting. If turned off your live square will no longer display your video to everyone else in the group. This will only affect yourself.

  • 6. Fullscreen (Web app only) – will toggle the fullscreen option which will maximize the browser window and hide the menu and toolbars.

  • 7. Record Meeting – will allow the meeting to be recorded for later use. The icon will also change to let you know the meeting is being recorded. Once recorded, you will see a replay button inside the group’s chat panel. See the View a Recorded Meeting topic for more information.

  • 8. Layout – will allow you to toggle the live squares display:
    o Film Strip - which will display live squares with one in the middle and a
    strip at the bottom.
    o Grid - which will display live squares in a grid pattern.

Layout option.

  • 9. Chat Panel (web app) – is a tab that will display the chat panel from the group. You can use the message bar at the bottom to enter text messages, attachments, emoticons, and GIF animations.

Chat panel on the web app.

  • 9. Chat Panel (mobile devices) – will display the chat panel from the group. You can use the message bar at the bottom to enter text messages, take a photo with your camera, add a photo from your Photo Library, attachments, and GIF animations. You can add an emoticon to a message by tapping and holding to display the toolbar.

Chat panel on a mobile device.

Emoticons toolbar.

  • 10. Participates panel – will display exactly who is participating in the Meeting. It will show who is hosting, who is sharing their screen, and who is observing.
    o Web app – at the top of the panel will be the Mute Everyone option. This
    will mute everyone in the meeting including the host. Be careful, even as
    an observer you still have the ability to mute everyone in the meeting.
    o Mobile device – the participant option will only appear when the main
    toolbar is hidden. You can hide or unhide the toolbar by simply tapping
    the screen or waiting a few seconds.

Participants panel.

  • 11. Main Focused Live Square – will display the live of the focused host (usually the person talking). The live square will switch between the speaking hosts as the focus changes. You can click or double-tap any live square to pin it (icon located in the upper-right corner) to the main focused area. Then regardless of who is talking the main focus area will not change. This is particularly beneficial when a shared screen is available.

Main Focused Live Square.

  • 12. Other Hosted Live Squares – will display each person in the Meeting that can host. If any host shares their screen a separate video square will appear for every screen shared. You can click or double-tap on any square at any time to switch to that host or their shared screen. That will also pin the square to the (11) Main Focused Live Video Square.

  • 13. Switch Camera (Mobile device only) – will switch between the front-facing or back-facing camera on your mobile device.

  • 14. Mute Yourself (Mobile device only) - allows you to toggle your microphone for the meeting. If turned off you will have muted yourself and not affected anyone else.

  • 14. Stop Receiving Audio/Video (Mobile device only) – this will allow you to turn off the meetings audio or video for you only. You will not be able to hear or see any of the hosts until you turn the audio/video back on. This does not affect anyone else. Everyone still in the meeting will be able to hear and see each other.

Stop Receiving Audio/Video options.

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