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How do I control a specific groups notifications?

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Group Overrides

You can control notifications all at once and at specific group levels using Group Overrides. See the Controlling Notifications article for more information.

Group Overrides allow you to set notification settings that will only pertain to a specific group. This is very useful if you have a group that you still want to be a part of but don’t necessarily need to be notified about every single message.

You can do this in one of two ways:

  • 1. You can add a Group Override from the Profile Setting screen, by switching to the Notifications panel. Located at the bottom is the ability to add group overrides. This is useful when you have several different groups you want to add or modify. This will also list off all Group Overrides.

Group Overrides from the Profile Settings screen.

  • 2. If you are in the chat group or direct message, click or tap the Group or Direct Message Settings in the upper-right corner and switch to the Notifications section.

Either option will create a Group Override, and ask you choose the specific group that will be affected. Then you will be able to change the following options:

Group Override screen.

  • 1. Notify me For – allows you to choose when you are notified when a message is sent to the group:
    All Messages – is the default, and will notify you whenever someone
    posts a new message in the group or direct message.
    Only Mentions – will notify you only when you are @mentioned (aka
    “tagged”) in a message. Note: This setting does not apply to direct
    message conversations.
    Nothing – will disable all message notifications within the group. Message
    Reactions will not be affected by this option.

  • 2. Meetings – will disable the notification when someone creates a meeting within the group. The Live notification icon and banner will still be displayed within the group you just won’t be notified when it happens.

  • 3. Mute Group - will disable and silence all notifications for a specific duration for this group. If this option is toggled it will disable the ability to change all other options.

Mute Group Option.

Note: Regardless of your message notification preferences you will always receive notifications for announcements and tasks that are due (if these features are enabled in your organization).

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