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Pronto Feature Release: 10/3/2022
Pronto Feature Release: 10/3/2022

Introducing Desktop App

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Over the last 3 years (Celebrating my Pronto-versary officially on the 7th!!) I have had the privilege to announce countless features that make communication easier and hopefully, the lives of your community just a little better! Today is an extra special day for me as I believe it marks the release of the very first product enhancement I ever suggested!

Rest assured that this feature was not built for me, but for you! Three years ago, Pronto was predominately accessed via a mobile device and the percentage of users accessing the tool from a desktop was surprisingly low. Fast forward and we've all been through a lot that has shaped how we interact with technology and how we want it to interact with us. After a lot of research and effort, I am pleased to announce that Pronto is now accessible through a separate application that can be downloaded on your PC or via MacOS!

After reviewing the feature release notes, please take a moment to let us know how this production release impacts you by answering this short survey.

For a growing library of documentation on the new Pronto features, visit here.


The Pronto Desktop app was designed for those who primarily contact while sitting in front of a computer. While using Pronto on your mobile may always be an important part of your communication flow, sometimes it is just more convenient to be typing from a full keyboard. Historically, Pronto could be accessed via any browser by going to, and that worked great, however, we desire outstanding in our user experience and we hope to provide a few key benefits by providing the Desktop version of Pronto.

  • The login process will perform a bit more like the mobile apps where it captures your login one time and keeps you logged in without the need to check the "keep me signed in" option or being subject to cache and cookies from the browser.

  • Notifications can also be separated out for convenience rather than being subject to browser notifications. With the Desktop app, you can set your preferences for receiving sounds, message previews, badge counts etc. These are set within your system preferences, but specifically on the application level.

  • You have more control over where you place Pronto and how it overlays with the other applications you are currently using.

  • The amount of processing power needed for the browser experience is also lessened by moving to a separate application.


To download the new Pronto Desktop App, simply go to and you will be directed to a welcome screen that is particular to your device. If you are on a Mac, you will see the Mac download and likewise, a PC will see a Windows download.

Please feel free to share that link with others within your organization.


  • Using the Pronto: Multi-Account function, you can have multiple Pronto accounts open and receive notifications simultaneously through the Desktop app. So if you are using Pronto for both Work and School, or you have multiple users in the same Organization, the Pronto Desktop app will simply open a tab for each account you are logged into.

  • A somewhat lesser-known "easter egg" of the browser experience has been incorporated into the Pronto desktop application. By clicking "Command+K" on a Mac, or "Control+K" on a PC, you are given access to a quick search/action menu. Through this menu, you can quickly complete actions such as creating a new task or group, or you can jump to a specific group or DM without the need to scroll or search your group drawer on the left.

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