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Pronto Feature Release: 5/14/2024
Pronto Feature Release: 5/14/2024

Introducing Multi-File Upload, Media Viewer, PDF View and more

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Every once in a while, we get to report on some new features that impact us in a personal way in our day-to-day Pronto usage, and after many months of architecture and database work, (that produced some really awesome things in extending group size limits to 3,000 users and the option for Live Captions in Pronto Meetings), the engineers were finally able to let their hair down for some features that we are very excited to share with you!

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For a growing library of documentation on the new Pronto features, visit here.

Multi-File Upload

Whether it is sharing progress photos for a project, or a stack of assignments with your TA, or even a series of PDF instructions, there are many times where being able to add multiple files to a single Pronto message would come in handy. With this latest update, you can now add up to 10 files, including mixed-type files to a singular message.

The process is simple, yet flexible as you can initiate this via the Paper Clip icon on Web and Desktop, or the Photo, or Paper Clip Icon on the mobile apps. You can also initiate this from your Files, or Photo galleries and utilize the Share Sheet to send them into Pronto.

Once uploaded, Pronto will display the files in a preview grid and stack in the Pronto feed.

Media Gallery Scroller

Along with the ability to add multiple files to your message, we have accompanied this feature with a new Media Scoller that allows you to swipe, or arrow right and left to view the multiple files in their full-screen state. We have also taken this preview functionality to the existing Media Entries Section, within group settings.

This new view allows you to quickly peruse the media repository or the full contents of a multi-filed message.

PDF View

Over 60% of all files shared in Pronto are PDFs. While we have always been able to render a preview of those on our mobile apps, we now have the ability to view those files in app, without the need to download and open in another application.

As much as I am in love with the new File Upload, and Media Viewer, (and I am), this is by far the part of this release I am personally, most excited about. I'm ashamed to say that I have as many as 7 copies of the same PDF on my computer from clicking it and having an automatic download.

Additional Features and Notes

To accompany the revamp of file uploads and previews, we have completely rebuilt our video upload process. Using Desktop and Web Browsers will now load videos significantly faster while producing a much higher quality result than previously experienced.

For those using iOS mobile apps, you will now have the ability to select text from images, or even simply click a QR code to launch it from an image.

If you are utilizing an Android device, Multi-file upload will not be available immediately on Android apps, but will be coming shortly. The preview and gallery functions should be available at this time.

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