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How do I add myself to Course Groups as an Instructor?
How do I add myself to Course Groups as an Instructor?

This guide will show instructors how to be included in the course groups created for Students via the Canvas People tab.

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The Pronto integration with Canvas LMS natively creates Pronto groups corresponding to every section and course-level group within Canvas. Course groups within Canvas, by design, are limited to only students and are provided as an organizational unit for group work and other activities designed to facilitate student collaboration. As course groups are student-focused, no other role (i.e. TA or instructor) holds an actual membership in any of those Canvas groups.

The Pronto integration interprets data exactly as it is transmitted from Canvas, excluding those additional roles the opportunity to participate in the corresponding groups created in Pronto.

Leveraging the Course Management Tool to Allow Instructor Participation

Pronto's Course Management Tool was built to allow Instructors an extra level of flexibility as it pertains to the availability of groups that correspond to their courses, as well as an opportunity to push a sync on their schedule as needed. In addition to these functions, Instructors now have an optional setting that will include them in all groups created through the Canvas People Tab.

With this enhanced functionality, Instructors will see all groups from their Canvas course in their Pronto drawer, below the Category that corresponds to their course.

Additional Considerations

  1. As Canvas does not limit the number of student groups that can be created via the people page, and the instructor will be included in all groups, it is important to give the groups significantly distinguishable names in Canvas.

  2. As an Instructor, you may find yourself with more notifications than you are accustomed to. Remember that you can set your notification preference per group to lower the number of push notifications or be informed immediately of groups that you have a high interest in or need to participate in.

  3. You can also Hide and Unhide groups to manage your drawer more effectively.

  4. A little-known trick when using the Pronto Desktop App or Pronto through a web browser is a pop-up search window to find and navigate to specific groups, or other quick actions in Pronto. This is found by typing Command+K on a Mac or Control+K on a PC

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